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The Pokemon legend, you know it all. But possibly you have not played at ALL generations, the current being X as well as Y, released in 2013. I did. It is therefore plain that I could write this post, nevertheless difficult it could be. Because to earn a leading 6 on the generations of Pokemon without being insult, it will certainly be made complex. And yet, I bewared not to consider my personal judgment but simply the truths, nothing but the realities. It’s a ranking based upon the content and also high quality of the game itself, nothing else (not even the Pokemon boils). I warn you, if you played just the initial generation as well as you are not pleased with my ranking, Rather than slam, have fun with others, you will judge on your own! You’ll see exactly how wrong you were … HAHAHAHAHAHA!

POKeMON X As Well As Y (3DS).

 » Oh blasphemy! He places the last game out as the most rotten! » Well yes, this last Pokemon was much from great compared to the others. Ok, the graphics are stunning, you could move in roller skates and it brings its dosage of novelties (Mega-evolutions, type Fairy, horde combating, the system of online excellence, etc …), yet it brings So maybe a lot of brand-new features that make the video game easier, such as the Multi Exp. Which works for all Pokemon of the group. All the same, at the level of the Pokemon in themselves, one can not truly grumble regarding freshness degree because we were only developed 72 new Pokemon. 72! The circumstance tries to educate us about the « .

To summarize: on the level of the gameplay, it definitely brings good things, but insufficient to make a excellent version. The problem is simply outrageous as well as it is quite possible to defeat the League of the first shot after a little week of play. Very same for the life time, it is extremely negative ( regardless of a multiplayer measurement developed sufficient) for a game as recent And replayability is really reduced.


So below too, I see you coming « He places the first generation as one of one of the most rotten! » Hey, perhaps it’s your favorite IN YOUR HEART, yet it needs to be confessed that at the degree of the video game itself, it was not famous. Pokemon prospered in introducing in an incredible means, yet it was still a little bit harsh, by laying the brand-new foundations of the J-RPG. Let me clarify: the Unique Assault as well as the Unique Defense. Did not yet exist as well as collected yourself in the Special statute. It seems unimportant, yet it’s actually terrible. When it comes to the Pokemon, the initial 151 are fairly various and varied. On the other hand, I recognize that we do not play http://sites.google.com/view/pokemon-weiss-2-rom for its circumstance, but we have to not forget that » We commonly play an RPG for … his circumstance. And also this set is non-existent in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow.

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